We are the Sunset Junction Neighborhood Association.  

We are a group of residents, families and shop owners that love this corner of the world...

Our goal is simple:

To preserve the eclectic charm of our neighborhood while protecting it from negative environmental and economic impacts.


The Los Angeles we know and love is being rapidly altered with impossible gridlock, reduced quality of life and massive surges in homelessness. Developers will stop at nothing to tear apart the very fabric of our neighborhoods, surgically removing all traces of uniqueness and character in the endless quest for more and more profits.

We are rapidly losing our sense of place.  

But you have a voice. You can fight back to maintain our neighborhood's integrity.

What can you do?

Write to our city Environmental Review Coordinator, Karen Hoo 

Show up at meetings (SLNC calendar). And help stop the destruction of our beloved Junction!

Check out The Coalition to Preserve L.A.