Save Sunset Junction


For years, the Sunset Junction has been a cultural haven for writers, artists, 5-dollar-guys, coffee lovers, musicians and people from all walks of life... Today, the character of our beloved neighborhood is threatened by "the Junction Gateway Project," a development  far too dense for our current infrastructure to handle.  These modern, 5-story buildings will loom over our homes, restaurants and shops, taking our sunlight while adding almost 300 units and 2, 947 vehicle trips a day!  We encourage you to check out the city's Environmental Impact Report to understand the entire scope of their proposal. (download it here)

Together, we can fight this.  City Zoning laws currently limit these buildings to 3 stories and 135 units (instead of 5-stories and 300 units). The developer (Frost Chaddock) is currently seeking variances, asking the city for bonuses that would allow them to swell their building by 47% by adding scant lower-income dwellings to their properties.  Write to the city and tell them you oppose these variances.  

Karen Hoo, Environmental Review Coordinator


We understand that change and growth are inevitable and even necessary, but we also believe that the neighbors and people who enjoy living, shopping and eating at the Junction should have a say in what is built here and how.